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Our story

My name is Liza and I am the founder of this project. Two years ago due to health concerns I had to completely remove gluten and lactose containing products from my diet. I was also advised to too keep away from white sugar, as I started to quickly gain weight. As someone with a sweet tooth this was a nightmare due to my love for milk chocolate, cakes and other pastries. I also couldn’t continue to follow my hobby, baking, and felt trapped by my diet.
Shortly after I began studying how to make delicious and healthy desserts that I could eat freely.
After many trials and courses I am finally able to make sweets that keep me both, happy and healthy. I realise that there are many other people that have the same problems as I do, people with allergies or just those to choose to eat healthy, people who still want to enjoy cakes, chocolate and deserts without harm to themselves and completely guilt-free. This is how «BeFree» came to be, to be free and without limits.

Let’s discuss a bit more about our desserts

All of them are made without lactose and gluten, and contain little to no white sugar depending on the product
Moreover, almost all items you will see on the menu are made from plant-based ingredients. We will mark each desert with appropriate tags so that you can select one is best suited for you!

But what is so special about our desserts apart from that? We go to great lengths to make our sweets not only taste delicious, but also good for you! They contain vitamins and useful microelements that will strengthen your immune system, improve body functions, and speed up your metabolism. We are able to achieve this by using novel cooking techniques and high-quality ingredients.

How to order

Now that you know why BeFree was founded and what is special about it, allow me to tell you what you will be able to order and how to do it. We are still working hard on creating the perfect menu for you! It will contain raw cakes, sponge cakes, mini-cakes, cookies and chocolates.
To order just write us a quick message on Instagram or WhatsApp, you can find our phone number in the profile description. If you have any questions, would like to know more about the composition of your dessert, have any special wishes or requirements please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to help, because BeFree is all about health, joy and freedom.

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