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Enjoy cakes, chocolates and desserts without harm to themselves and completely guilt-free

Taking care of your health

our features
High quality ingredients
We use only carefully selected indigents, to ensure that they are environmentally friendly with no unnatural additives, all while providing the most delicious flavour and health benefits for our clients.
Individual customer approach
Our top priority is to meet the needs of each of our clients. That’s why we offer you an option to customize your order: you can request a special decor or even a custom flavour for some of our desserts.
Desserts suitable for all
All our desserts are suitable for people who abstain from lactose, gluten, refined sugar and animal products. If you have a special dietary requirement please let us know, so that we can find a dessert suitable for you!

Our bestsellers

All of our desserts are made without lactose and gluten, and contain no white sugar. Moreover, almost all items you will see on the menu are made from plant-based ingredients.
Be Free desserts are suitable for everyone
Our main focus is to help people with allergies, restriction, as well as those who simply choose to eat healthy. We want to popularize desserts that are: gluten- and lactose-free, without refined sugar and vegan (no animal or diary products).
Two years ago due to health concerns I had to completely remove gluten and lactose containing products from my diet. I was also advised to too keep away from white sugar, as I started to quickly gain weight. As someone with a sweet tooth this was a nightmare due to my love for milk chocolate, cakes and other pastries. I realized that there are many other people that have the same problems as I do, who do not want to lose the pleasure of eating sweets. This is how "BeFree" came to be, to be free and without limits.

My name is Liza and I am the founder of this project

Our story

Satisfied customers are our main reward

Bonjouuur! Merci beaucoup beaucouuup pour le gâteau, mon copain a adoré et nous aussi, on s'est vraiment régalé hier)
Je vous souhaite bonne continuation et bon courage pour tout :))
Pistachio mini size cake
Dear Liza, the cake was simply AMAZING! The best gluten-free cake I ever had and one of the best cakes I ate here in Geneva: the pistachio was so tasty and the combination with raspberry is just perfect! Big thank you and looking forward to another cake :)
Pistachio cake
Bonjour, J'espere que vous allez bien! Oui, le gateau et les deux cupcakes ont eu enormement de succes! Merci beaucoup ❤️
Chocolate cupcakes with red currant
Hey Liza! Thank you for your kind message, everything went really well!
We wanted to thank you once again for our wedding cake, it was really delicious and even better with a bit of extra pistachio cream, our guests loved it!
Pistachio wedding cake

How to order step by step

Choose a dessert on our website. When ordering, you can specify all the nuances. For example, we can replace or exclude some ingredients at your request.
If necessary, you can write to us directly and ask a question. We will be happy to help you choose.
Specify the delivery address and pay for the order. Then we will contact you and agree on the delivery time.
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